CASA by Carolina Hané


$332.50 KYD

Portable and discreet, the Model H is perfect for use in the home, office or anywhere in between.  Don't forget to order you signature CASA fragrance with your scent machine.

Coverage: 400 sq ft
Dimensions: 2.5” diameter


  • Advanced atomization technology that compresses oil into particles 1/60th the size of aerosol droplets and 1/1000,000th of the weight
  • Our proprietary technology provides consistent fragrance delivery without the highs and lows of other diffuser systems
  • Remote Control Functioning
  • Stand alone unit allows for ultimate flexibility and convenience
  • Give the ability to adjust intensity of fragrance
  • Ideal option for smaller areas, waiting rooms, bathrooms, hallways etc.
  • Low voltage and power consumption 

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